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Monday Jan 25,2016

AMRAP,DWOD: Cindy Needs Gainz!!SWOD: Front Squats 3x5Other Posted Results

Cindy Needs Gainz!!

AMRAP,DWOD: Rounds-Rx2+
Ok we are setting the clock for 12 minutes and I want to see some hustle.
Cindy Needs Gainz:
5 Strict pull ups
10 ring push ups
15 slam balls 20/15
5 kipping pull ups
10 push ups
15 slam balls 20/15
5 Jumping Pull ups
10 push ups
15 slam balls 15/10

0% 0%

Eric Ti7+1pullup Rx+ ring pu are the worst.
Chuck6 +5 pull ups Rx+
Bob CaRx+ This was just about the right amount of suck..pull up's got hard really fast
Steve BRx+
Cat7+1pu Rx
Diana H6 + 5 pull-ups Rx
Bob GRx Kip Pu / 30#SB
Darius5 + 5 pu Rx
Paul HRx
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