For the Second Year CrossFit of Naperville has Won the Glancer Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award!!!!!!

Our members are a large part of what makes our gym what it is.  I want to thank ALL of our members for supporting and voting for us. 2012:  Naperville’s Favorite Health Club 2009: Naperville’s Most Loved Gym

Q7 Ranch Grass Fed Beef and Free Range Chicken (Gym Deliveries will be the 4th Thursday of each Month.) Members, Please ask at the gym for our coupon code to get FREE delirery and a discount on your orders. (Coupon Code Good for Current Clients of CrossFit of Naperville.) Enter CrossFit of Napervile as your address. Select “CrossFit Group Delivery” as your delivery option to avoid the Delivery charge. There will be monthly deliveries […]

CFNA Barbell Club

The current CFNA Barbell Club will be ending mid May.  Please let Neil Know if you would like to participate in the next session. Check out the CFNA Barbell Club page for pricing and schedule.

GREEN BEER and BURPEES Charity Event

Get your shirts or make your donations HERE: In benefit to Loaves and Fishes CrossFit of Naperville Presents:  The THIRD ANNUAL   Green Beer and Burpees When: March 17th St. Patrick’s Day Meet between 8:30AM and 9AM Who: OPEN to ANYONE Whether you are and avid CrossFitter or haven’t been doing anything physical…we will […]

CrossFit Football’s Occupy Strength Competition

Here is another opportunity to play and compete with others within the CrossFit world. (Luke should be there.)  So lets get our workout on!!! Event Information CrossFit Football will be touring the the USA in 2012 and putting on a CrossFit Football Total competition.  The competition will consist of three events. Event # 1 – […]

Luke, You will be missed!

(Here is a picture with some of Luke’s old crew at CrossFit of Naperville with some of his new crew at CrossFit Balboa.) I was driving home from our Sunday football games reflecting on a couple of things.  First off this would be the last game for Luke in our football league out here. A long time […]

Really? A “good” run?!

As a hybrid of a human and a t-rex, I sport 6 inch long arms and legs. Thus I hate running. 400m, 800m, ew. Death by pull ups please. I’ll walk 200m. Maybe I’ll sprint 40m, and hustle on a 100m run. That’s about it. 800s just give you too much time to think about […]

CFNA Bootcamp…Watch for it next Summer!!!! It’s time to get FIT! Ditch the Elliptical, forget about the treadmill, and get rid of the exercise ball.  Because our trainers are going to deliver the workout you have been looking for. CrossFit Bootcamp is a class style program that will deliver a great workout three time a week. The Bootcamp will include […]

GREEN BEER and BURPEES II Pictures are up!!!!

GREEN BEER and BURPEES II WHEN: Saturday March 12, 2011 WHO: OPEN TO ANYONE. Whether you are an avid CrossFitter or haven’t been doing anything physical…we will try and make sure that you are challenged to your fitness level.  The workout will be scalable to ANY fitness level and monitored by CrossFit of Naperville […]


WHEN YOUR FRIENDS JOIN, YOU SAVE!!! CrossFit of Naperville has grown for the most part because of our members.  Each time you bring in your friends and family our community grows. If you know of anyone that would benefit from what we do here?  Maybe they are going to a lager gym and not getting […]

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