Mike Tenerelli

Since college football, I’ve been looking for something competitive to fill that void that most of us feel after our athletic career. I’m not into golfing, playing softball, or even flag football. I’m into working out, pushing my body to it’s limits, and being competitive. CrossFit is being competitive at working out. CrossFit has filled the void I’ve been experiencing. CrossFit has inspired me to be the best all-around athlete I can be, and to be in the best possible shape I can be. CrossFit has changed my life. Thank you CrossFit of Naperville for truly inspiring me!!!

Ashley Paekae

Jorge Martinez


Ken Fullerton

It is better than anything I have done or heard of before.  Your fitness will be balanced so that every task you do in real life is easier and you feel better.

I like and believe in the basic philosophy of Crossfit.  You can make your self fit by exercising vigorously for a few minutes 3 or 4 days a week.








testimonial_JakeJake Renteria

I’m an I.A.F.F. Firefighter. Before the thoughts of becoming an fireman even entered my mind, I had always attempted to remain physically fit. Prior to Crossfit I had spent the last 14 years playing recreational basketball, softball and soccer. I worked on my benchpress and did some running.

I would get stronger, yet I could never lose the infamous “belly”. I would consume myself with weeks of running. I would drop weight and the “belly” would remain. To add further fustration, I would lose signifigant strength.
Fast forward to my hire date of being hired as a fireman. I was at a firedrill that was being conducted at a 20+ story high rise buildings. A senior fireman made a statement to me that I will never forget. His words were “do not ever become so obese that I cannot carry you out of a burning building”. I was a bit shocked by that statement. Upon further research I discovered that cardiac arrest is the number one killer for firefighters. At th

is point I really dedicated myself to staying “in-shape”.

My workouts continued and I discovered Crossfit of Naperville. My first workout with Neil was unforgetable. I admitted to him that my core and legs were not my strong points, but that I was in good shape. My “belly” was still there, but I was fully confident that “Crossfit workouts” wouldn’t be that challeng

ing. Five minutes later I was gasping for air.

I’ve been a member at Crossfit Naperville for the last 6 1/2 months and FINALLY my belly is gone. For the first time in my life I’m starting to see my abs. I’ve thrown the benchpress by the wayside and dedicated myself to ONLY Crossfit workouts.

My level of fitness has been increased ten fold. My weight is down and my strength, cardio and flexibility is up. For the next 30 years, my career is to protect the citizens of my town. At a minimum, I will be doing Crossfit for the next 30 years.

Thank you Neil!

testimonial_AsheChris Ashe

My name is Chris Ashe, I’m 23 years old, I’ve been CrossFitting for the better part of 5 months, and I love CrossFit.
Crossfit for me has been the most intense and comprehensive training program I have ever participated in. I have run the gamut with regards to workout routines from the most structured and professionally run personalized program, thru my application of the Men’s health “6 minutes to perfect Abs.” While I have found some value in the above mentioned (and everything in between) I had yet to encounter a program that truly pushed me to my physical, mental (and even emotional) limits.

Enter CrossFit.

In February of 2009 when I began my CrossFit journey, I truly had no idea what to expect from the program. It was new, innovative, demanding, and a freakin’ Rush. Since then I’ve lost about 15lbs, increased my core strength exponentially, and my cardiovascular stamina is at its highest level that I can recall (and I played collegiate rugby for 4 years).

So what have I truly gained from CrossFit?

In addition to the excellent level of fitness and noticeable changes in my body shape, I’ve gained a sense of community, commitment, and competition–the likes of which I have not felt since partaking in high-level sports as a teenage and college athlete. CrossFit has provided me a forum to interact with people who share several of the same goals and attitudes both about fitness and about life. It has provided me the opportunity to re-commit to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. CrossFit has also re-ignited the flame of competition within me. While the opponents have changed to girls like “Fran”, “Helen”, “Elizabeth”, and “Annie” (excuse my language, but they’re all bitches), and of course the ever-ticking stopwatch, my drive to perform better is unwavering.

I’d recommend CrossFit to ANY breathing human-being. If you are sick of “the routine” check out CrossFit. If you have a “Chest and Tri day” check out CrossFit. If you think “doing some cardio” is 20 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical…check out CrossFit. You get the picture. As I said, I love CrossFit and will continue to train the CrossFit way for the foreseeable future.