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CrossFit style workouts contain constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. Our program offers a fitness that prepares you for occurrences in everyday life. The workouts are scaled to all fitness levels. Regardless of your experience or fitness level you will find your best fitness in the CrossFit program. CrossFit is the sport of fitness, and what we do at CrossFit of Naperville.  For more on what we do at CrossFit of Naperville, please visit our What Is CrossFit? page.

Below are the programs we offer at CrossFit of Naperville, and the hours they fall within.  If you have any questions on any of these programs, the hours, or our rates, please contact us!

We would be glad to take you through a FREE introductory session to show you what we do and why and also have you experience a CrossFit style workout.  Our gym is different from the typical gym, let us show you how.  CrossFit workouts and our gym is something that must be experienced to truly understand.

Our fees are higher than the typical gym, because we are different from the typical gym.

Although we do offer personal training, the monthly unlimited program is closely related to personal training within a group setting. Our trainers are available to our clients every time you walk into our doors as part of your membership.  At CrossFit of Naperville you will have trainers assisting you with your workouts to see a success rate unmatched at most gyms.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 6AM to 7AM

Monday thru Friday – 8AM to 10AM

Monday thru Friday – 4:30PM to 8PM

Saturday – 10:30AM to 11:30AM

Sunday – Closed – (Open by announcement.)


Private Coaching

CrossFit of Naperville offers one on one, or small group private coaching.  In our private coaching sessions our trainers will work directly with you through your warm up and workout.  We will be there to help coach and motivate our clients to ensure they’re getting the most out of their workouts.  Workouts and warm ups will be tailored to your individual fitness level.  Our private coaching is ideal for individuals who:

  • Are new to fitness
  • Have specific fitness goals (strength, endurance, sport specific, etc)
  • Prefer private training atmosphere

By appointment only.

Rates vary on group size and hours.  Call for exact pricing.
Starting rate is $75/hr, but with longer commitments and/or groups this rate will be lower.

Open Gym

CrossFit Naperville specializes in not specializing.  Our Workout Of the Day (WOD) varies daily.  With the hands-on help of our trainers, and by conquering the WOD, you can and WILL achieve your fitness goals!  All WODs are lead and supervised by Certified CrossFit trainers.

Sign up for our open gym and join a community of great people with one common goal, TO HELP EACH OTHER GET FIT.
If we’re open, we’re ready for you.

We require that our clients at a minimum attend Private Coaching or our Elements Program before signing up for Open Gym. Are you an experienced CrossFitter, but new to CrossFit Naperville?  Contact a trainer to discuss your Open Gym membership.

Pricing…See Below

Elements Class

CrossFit workouts vary daily.  They combine a mixture varying movements and repetitions.  It’s not uncommon to wait months before repeating a workout!  However, all workouts are comprised of variations of CrossFit’s fundamental movements.

The Elements Class is designed to introduce you to those movements, as well as introduce you to your relative maximum intensity. All CrossFit workouts are expected to be completed at an intensity level that you are comfortable with!

The Elements Class includes:

  • 6 small group personal training sessions that will ensure you get the coaching you need
  • A scaled introduction to CrossFit and CrossFit style workouts
  • All workouts are supervised by Certified CrossFit Trainers
  • 2 week FREE membership after Elements Class included

See our Getting Started page for more details on the Elements Program.

Typically (Check with the gym for actual times.)
Evenings: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Mornings: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:30am to 9:30am
For 1 hour, Times are typically during “Open Gym” hours and will be posted on the Getting started page.


FREE with 1st month’s membership!

(If the set hours do not work for you or you want more individualized attention, ask us about Elements as Personal Training.)

Pricing (Includes Open Gym and Classes)


  • Single Monthly Unlimited:  $150
  • Couples/Buddy Monthly Unlimited:  $135 per person
  • Military/LEO/Firefighter/First Responders/Seniors/Students: $125


  • Single Monthly Unlimited:  $160
  • Couples/Buddy Monthly Unlimited:  $145 per person
  • Military/LEO/Firefighter/First Responders/Seniors/Students: $130

MONTH-to-MONTH (No commitment)

  • Single Monthly Unlimited:  $175
  • Couples/Buddy Monthly Unlimited:  $160 per person
  • Military/LEO/Firefighter/First Responders/Seniors/Students:  $150


  • Prepay 3 Months – Save 5%
  • Prepay 6 Months – Save 15%
  • Prepay 12 Months – Save 20%
(For members still on the Paypal system.)

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time before the next billing cycle.