CrossFit of Naperville Member Referral Program

(For a limited time)

We here at CrossFit of Naperville see your referrals as the greatest compliment we can receive from our members.  It is the ultimate indication that you are not only enjoying your fitness experience here.  But it also shows us that you will trust us with the fitness and well-being of people you know and love.    To show you our appreciation for this, we will do our best to uphold your trust.  Giving them the best experience we can.  For a limited time, we would also like to offer you a special monetary offer:

If a member joins their first month based on your referral:

We will discount one month of your membership by 25%

Additionally, we will discount the first month of their membership by 25%

(There is no limit to the member’s.  (Within a month.)  If you refer two – receive 50%, three – receive 75%, four – receive FREE, Five – Receive FREE and 25% off the next month.)

After the first month:

If your referral commits to 12 Months:

We will take $10 off of yours and your referral’s account for 12 months.

(There is no limit to the number of referrals.)

Note: This offer is valid for current CrossFit of Naperville members in good standings.  These offers are based on referrals to the standard CrossFit program.  This does not include Corporate, Team, Naperville Strength and Conditioning, or other specialty programs.

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