Getting Started/Elements Classes
First go to the home page. There you will see an option to be added as a 'New Athlete'.  Request to be added.  We will add you as a Temporary Athlete.  At that point you will be able to either sign up for a Introduction Session or sign up for our Elements Classes.  

If you are an experienced CrossFitter you can add yourself as a 'New Athlete'.   Just let us know what your experience level is. Depending on you experience or comfort level with CrossFit, you may not need to attend Elements Classes.

Best way to get started is to come in for an introduction to CrossFit.  It will take about an hour and we will go through what we do and why, and then work some skills and do a CrossFit style workout.  Introductions can be signed up for once you are added into our system.  Or if you can not make it to the pre-scheduled classes, you will be able to contact us to schedule an Intro-Session at another time.

We require all of our new gym members to go through the Elements Classes.  Elements Classes are designed to work with new members on fundamental movements used in CrossFit.  Each class ends with a CrossFit style workout designed to prepare you for the open gym.  After finishing Elements Classes we include two weeks of open gym.  This way you can feel comfortable that this is a program you would like to continue with moving forward.

Elements Classes are typically scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for two weeks.  If you look at our current Elements Schedule and they do not fit with your schedule or you want a one-on-one experience.  Sign in as a 'New Athlete' and let us know that you would like to complete Elements as Personal Training.

In our Gym trainers set all workouts, trainers monitor workouts and you will have access to trainers daily to assist you with movement, scaling and anything else you wanted to work on.

(Intro session in not mandatory in order to sign up for Elements Classes.)

We look forward to assisting you in your fitness goals.